Wasser, Pflanzen, Moor, Steg, Wandern, Natur | © TVB Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen

Hörfeld Moor

The Hörfeld Moor wetlands area is home of more than 500 butterfly-, moth and bird species. A hiking trail takes you round and through the moor and allows you to explore its sensitive environment.

You want a guided tour? Contact the tourist information.

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Mühlner Bathing-Lake with Adventure Mile

The Mühlner bathing lake attracts not only with free bathing fun. The adventure mile round the lake is accessible for wheelchairs and offers a raised hide, a water playground and a celtic village, which is lot of fun too.
Keltisches Königreich Noreia, Mühlen | © Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen
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Celtic Noreia

The king’s house, the historical blacksmiths and a celtic museum tell you about long past times. The History Trail gives mysterious insights in the sunken city near Hörfeld Moor.
Führung durch die Mühle in Mühlen | © Tom Lamm
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Farmer's Mill

From the ingenious spelt and wheat to modern types of grain like soya – in the old farmer’s mill you can see how flour for our “daily bread” is made from corn. Completely without exhausting gases and environmental pollution.
alte Arbeitsgeräte, Bauern, Museum | © Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen
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At the Farmingmuseum you may expect some time travel back into the 18th century with insights into rural life and methods. In the reconstruction of a blacksmiths’s workshop you can see exhibits of its craft.
4 Kinder bei einer Station | © TVB Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen
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Hans im Glück - Fairytale Trail

Equiped with a golden nugged and a key you can walk the story of „Hans-im-Glück“. The tour starts at Gössler guesthouse and leads fairy-tail-like through Mühlen. At the finish, your reward awaits you.

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